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Here are some ways to identify termites:

Termite mud

Termite excrement is commonly known as ‘termite mud’. This is a hard substance that traps heat and moisture. Termite mud often causes door and windows to become stuck or tightly fitted.

Unexplained banging noises

Termites are noisy eaters. If you put your ear against a wall you think may be infested, you will be able to hear small ‘banging’ noises.

Hollow sounding timber

These critters literally consume wood from the inside out. Knock gently on the wood, if it sounds hollow, you most likely have a termite problem! Similarly, if your foot goes through your wooden flooring, it’s a huge red light.

Mud tunnels

Look out for mud tunnels on the outside of your home’s walls. Termites make mud tunnels to forage for food with ease. They can commonly be found on brick walls, concrete and other dense materials.

Piles of sawdust

Keep finding little piles of sawdust around your home? This is known as frass and are actually termite faeces.

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