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Spider Pest Control

Have you ever received spider pest control Adelaide? Australia is home to some of the world’s most dangerous spiders. So, our service is designed to give you peace of mind and protection, because despite being small, their bites can have some detrimental impact. So, what attracts them and what measures can you take to free your home of these pests? In a nutshell, most spiders opt for warm, dark and protected spaces like crevices, vents and between the limbs of furniture. This means that although you might not be able to see them, they could still definitely be lurking. Different species of spiders require different treatment methods—just like with all insects and pests. Having worked in the industry for over 10 years, we have in-depth knowledge of the diverse species we could be dealing with. Call us to enquire about our professional spider control Adelaide today!

Spider Pest Control AdelaideWhat is Thermal Imaging Technology?

To carry out our spider pest control Adelaide, we use thermal imaging technology. Initially developed for military use, thermal technology is now used commercially for healthcare and veterinary use, mechanical and maintenance work, air quality control and across various other trades. It works by creating imagery based on the heat or energy emission from an object in low visibility environments. Similar to “night vision” cameras, the images are portrayed in greyscale with warm colours like pink and orange to reflect the energy or movement. That’s how we know when we’re dealing with pests! Thermal imaging technology has proven to be one of the most reliable ways to detect insects in those difficult to reach/see places—and we use some of the most advanced on the market. Call us to book your spider pest control Adelaide and we’ll provide you with the most effective recommendations to rid your pest!

So, Why Choose Precision Pest Control?

We’re your number one choice for spider pest control Adelaide. Why? Because we have 10 years of industry experience behind us; carrying out services across all applications including:

  • Pre-auction and pre-purchase pest inspections
  • Building pest inspections
  • Residential and rental property pest inspections

With our advanced thermal imaging technology, we can successfully search every corner of your premises to find even the smallest of critters. As an efficient team, we’ll have our service completed in minimal time without disrupting your daily movements. Once the inspection has been carried out, we provide our clients with a comprehensive breakdown to inform you of our findings—including a summary of any damages caused by the more destructive pests like termites. With a network of professional contacts behind us, we’ll offer advice to help counter your pest problem in the shortest turnaround possible. Book your inspection by calling us on 0402 682 738!

Give Precision Pest Control a call and let our spider pest control Adelaide specialists deal with any unwanted guests in your home! We make the process as painless by taking up minimal time, giving you complete transparency and pointing you in the right direction to rectify your pest problem.

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“I cannot speak highly enough of Allan. He is knowledgeable and was very helpful. He went above and beyond what he had to do for us. He was quick to reply to any queries I had and on top of all that he’s a great guy. I won’t be using anybody else. So give him a call.”

George S

“He’s exactly like all of these reviews mentioned, he was kind, respectful, knowledgeable, feasible and quick. I left the house for 40 mins and returned to silence. Those pests were gone! Two days later, I still haven’t seen those critters. He did an outstanding job inside the house and outside of the house. He really is knowledgeable and very caring. Allan, you and your hard-working team have helped to restore my life back to normalcy. I am able to live in peace again without those pesky things running the show. Next follow up please! Add us on to your calendar for years to come.”


“Allan and team were friendly, polite and very knowledgeable about our problem. We had a wasp infestation going into the walls and he quickly came up with a solution, and the problem was gone soon after. thanks for sorting that out for us.”

Sue Van Engelen

“Allan was so thorough with his inspection. He did not miss a beat, pointing out every possible problem with the home. His report was extremely detailed and allowed me to see everything he saw while being able to explain it in layman’s terms to assist me in understanding. I would highly recommend Allan to everybody”

Isaac Rye

“Allan squeezed us in on the same day as we had a limited window to ‘Cool Off’ on a ‘dream home’ that had taken us two years to find. He was able to explain what he had discovered and what it would mean in terms of managing the termites moving forward. As a result, we were able to ‘cool off’ without ramifications; saving us a lot of money and future heart ache in constantly battling termites. Allan was very knowledgeable, empathetic and professional and we are arranging for him to do an inspection on our home. Would highly recommend.”

Di Kelly

“I felt confident that the team at precision had my best interests at heart, they went out of their way to book my inspection in on the same day! It meant we could purchase our new home right away. Thanks!”

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