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Even if there’s no noticeable demand for ant pest control Adelaide, our Precision Pest Control services will give you peace of mind—at the very least. That’s because whether you’re buying or selling, ant and other pest infestations can be detrimental to the value of your home, particularly termites, which affect up to 130,000 Australian homes every year. The worst part is you often don’t even know about their presence until it’s too late, which is why we recommend regulated pest inspections to give you a head start. Our team have experience and expertise in various types of pest management, including cockroaches and spiders. While there are plenty of products on supermarket shelves, they’re often ineffective and saturated in chemicals that aren’t designed to combat the specific pest that’s ruling your home. Our professional team offer tailored ant pest control Adelaide solutions to resolve your problem with our disrupting daily movements.

Ant Pest Control Adelaide

Our Thermal Imaging Technology

Before we implement it, we start with a comprehensive inspection using thermal imaging technology. This is a tried and tested method of detecting movement within difficult-to-access places. Effectively, the technology captures different levels of infrared light, which translates to the imagery on our screen. All living organisms emit some level of infrared radiation, so it’s a faultless process that really adds value to seeking professional pest control services. Alternatively known as ‘thermography’, this system is used widely across industries like security and weather bureaus for accurate information gathering. It’s non-invasive, meaning we don’t cause any destruction in the process, and is even capable of locating nests or eggs before the problem escalates. Not all pest control companies utilize thermal imaging in their inspections, which is why Precision Pest Control are the go-to solution! Call us to locate the problem before we need to action ant pest control Adelaide.

Why Choose Us for Your Ant Pest Control Adelaide?

Over the years, Precision Pest Control has developed a reputation as the industry’s best in ant pest control Adelaide. We take a lot of pride in the long-standing relationships we’ve formed with our fantastic clients. Our team is fully licensed, and we’re affiliates of both Master Builders South Australia and Master Builder Green Living, which guarantees a high level of respect and integrity on every job. With over 10 years of experience servicing residential and commercial sectors, we’ve evolved our service and methods to holistically tackle any pest infestation in minimal time, at a minimal cost. Taking on the challenge yourself can be costly, dangerous, ineffective, and you might not actually be able to access the core of the problem. Precision Pest Control is equipped with everything needed to get straight to the source and rid your premises of any unwanted guests!

If you’re looking for a reliable team to take care of pests before they become a major problem in your home, contact Precision Pest Control on 0402 682 738 and take advantage of our thermal imaging technology! We’ll never present a problem without providing a solution, and this proactive approach is exactly why we’re the best in ant pest control in Adelaide.

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