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Why Do I Need Pest Control Adelaide?

  1. If your home or facility has been taken over by nasty pests seeking out pest control Adelaide is crucial. If your building is 30 years old, or brand new, pest control should be at the top of your propriety. If you don’t know what you’re doing or what kind of pests you’re dealing with, eliminating them can be expensive. While you may think you’re cutting costs by not hiring a professional, your buildings structure, electrical wiring and insulation are put at risk. Additionally, pests can also spread a number of diseases and bacteria throughout your home without you even realising it. Did you know that cockroaches can contribute to the spreading of parasitic worms and pathogens harmful to humans? By bringing in a team of professionals, the health risks and structural risks are removed. Call the expert pest control today on 0402 682 738.

Pest Control Adelaide

Identifying Pests

If you’re unsure whether you require a pest control Adelaide, there are a number of signs which can indicate you may have an infestation. With pest infestations, early prevention is key, which is why you should keep a close eye out for the following things. Firstly, pest droppings and faeces are the first obvious sign of a pest infestation. Although rodent droppings can be easier to spot, be mindful of smaller droppings from smaller pests that are be harder to notice. Some additional sign of a pest infestation are physical damages to structures such as holes, grease marks and bad odours. While there are a number of signs you can look out for, we also recommend regular inspections to ensure the longevity and protection of your building. For more information about our pest inspection Adelaide – reach out today!

How Can We Help?

As a trusted name in pest control Adelaide, our team of experts work quickly and professionally to ensure the most efficient solution for you. Here at Precision Pest Control, we conduct all inspections using the latest technology and techniques, which is what sets us apart from the rest. For example, one of our most innovative technologies used in inspections is thermal imaging. Thermal imaging is a technique that uses a thermal camera that creates an image based on heat, rather than light. Consequently, this allows us to detect temperature and moisture differences in various building materials, which can indicate when termites are present. With a decade of successful local inspections around Adelaide, Precision Pest Control are the household name to remember. Our highly professional and friendly team are always happy to help. Contact us today and receive a free, no obligation quote.

Say goodbye to nasty pests today with our pest control Adelaide. With years of experience and a dedicated team we bring you peace-of-mind and exceptional service. Get a free quote today by calling 0402 682 738!  

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“I cannot speak highly enough of Allan. He is knowledgeable and was very helpful. He went above and beyond what he had to do for us. He was quick to reply to any queries I had and on top of all that he’s a great guy. I won’t be using anybody else. So give him a call.”

George S

“He’s exactly like all of these reviews mentioned, he was kind, respectful, knowledgeable, feasible and quick. I left the house for 40 mins and returned to silence. Those pests were gone! Two days later, I still haven’t seen those critters. He did an outstanding job inside the house and outside of the house. He really is knowledgeable and very caring. Allan, you and your hard-working team have helped to restore my life back to normalcy. I am able to live in peace again without those pesky things running the show. Next follow up please! Add us on to your calendar for years to come.”


“Allan and team were friendly, polite and very knowledgeable about our problem. We had a wasp infestation going into the walls and he quickly came up with a solution, and the problem was gone soon after. thanks for sorting that out for us.”

Sue Van Engelen

“Allan was so thorough with his inspection. He did not miss a beat, pointing out every possible problem with the home. His report was extremely detailed and allowed me to see everything he saw while being able to explain it in layman’s terms to assist me in understanding. I would highly recommend Allan to everybody”

Isaac Rye

“Allan squeezed us in on the same day as we had a limited window to ‘Cool Off’ on a ‘dream home’ that had taken us two years to find. He was able to explain what he had discovered and what it would mean in terms of managing the termites moving forward. As a result, we were able to ‘cool off’ without ramifications; saving us a lot of money and future heart ache in constantly battling termites. Allan was very knowledgeable, empathetic and professional and we are arranging for him to do an inspection on our home. Would highly recommend.”

Di Kelly

“I felt confident that the team at precision had my best interests at heart, they went out of their way to book my inspection in on the same day! It meant we could purchase our new home right away. Thanks!”

Janet Wren

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