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Have you been on the hunt for bee control Adelaide? Look no further than Precision Pest Control! Disposing of bees and wasp nests can be extremely dangerous, which is why calling in a professional to do the job is recommended. With over 10 years of industry experience, our founder Allan has become an expert in the field and is a trusted household name in Adelaide. Whether it’s a large scale pre purchase pest inspection, or a cockroach, termite or ant infestation, the team at Precision Pest Control have you covered. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s one of our many wonderful reviews:

“I felt confident that the team at precision had my best interests at heart, they went out of their way to book my inspection in on the same day! It meant we could purchase our new home right away!” – Janet Wren

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Bee control Adelaide

Recognizing Bee Control Signs of a Bee Infestation

There are a number of signs that will indicate if you require bee control Adelaide. Below is a list of some different signs of a bee infestation.

  • Excessive Bees: There are an excessive number of bees flying around your home and garden
  • Active Nests: You have spotted active bees nests. Active nests can be in trees, underneath your home’s floors, in garages or sheds or in your walls.
  • Dark Patches: There are dark patches on your walls and ceilings. This occurs when bees have built nests between your walls or above your ceilings where the honey is being produced.

If you have noticed some of the signs above, it is recommended that you seek professional bee control Adelaide to avoid any harm. Additionally, if you have children, it is also extremely important to educate them on how to avoid stings, and how to react when a bee is near.

Professional Bee Control Adelaide

If you’ve been considering bee control, now is the time to act. As soon as you become aware of bees in your house, it is recommended that you call professional bee control Adelaide for help. This is because the longer you wait, the more likely the bees are to nest within your home and consequently increase in numbers. Did you know that disrupting a bee’s nest can be done simply by bumping or vibrating a nearby surface? An angry herd of bees is the last thing you want in your home! If you’re dealing with a bee infestation, call Precision Pest Control for a fast and swift response. Our experts have local area knowledge, and come prepared for any situation that can occur. Dial 0402 682 738 today and receive the peace of mind you deserve!

While bees are an integral part of our ecosystem, they can become pesky when they are invading your home. Call Precision Pest Control today on 0402 682 738 and enquire about our bee control Adelaide! We guarantee to deliver swift and efficient pest control services, with a focus on your satisfaction.

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