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We’re your trusted experts in spider control Adelaide, because as well as accurate and comprehensive detection, it’s equally important to have an action plan in place to combat the issue. That’s where we come in—our team take a proactive approach by providing tailored solutions to eradicate nasty pests! But among them, spiders are particularly unfavourable in Australian homes. Some of the most common species we encounter in Australian homes include:

  • Black House Spider
  • Australian Funnel Web
  • White Tail Spider
  • Redback Spider
  • Daddy Long Legs

The most dangerous of these is the Funnel Web, which typically burrow in tight and humid places. Unlike some spiders that will scurry away when a threat appears, Funnel Web’s are known to be quite aggressive. Their largely toxic venom can cause severe reactions, but since an antivenom was introduced in 1981 there have been no cases of fatality.

Spider control Adelaide

Why Choose Precision Pest Control?

At Precision Pest Control, our reputation is your guarantee. We have an extensive customer base of South Australian’s with pest-free homes who have commended our prompt, friendly and efficient spider pest control Adelaide. As a company, some of our key qualities include:

Efficiency—we deliver turnkey solutions in minimal time, so you can get back to focussing on what’s important.

Technology—we use advanced thermal imaging technology to successfully locate any suspicious movement in roofs, walls, and crevices.

Experience—we have 10 years of industry experience, and throughout this time we’ve managed to maintain a fantastic reputation through working with integrity, and adapting our skillset to succeed in all situations.

Locality—as a South Australian owned and operated business, we genuinely care about our local community. We promise affordable service and complete transparency from end to end!

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Ridding Your Premises of Pests!

Never thought about pest control Adelaide? One of the most common reasons why people call us out to their home is for a pre-sale or pre-purchase home inspection. In addition to the health concerns, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than knowing you’re living amongst insects—and a home should always feel like a safe and relaxing environment. It’s particularly important to identify destructive pests like termites, which cause billions of dollars worth of damage across over 130,000 Australian homes each year. To effectively target these critters, we only used the most advanced thermal imaging technology. We can also determine the extent of any damage that’s been done,

which is recorded in a comprehensive report for the customer to review post-inspection. Our friendly staff always run through the results with you for complete transparency, which is followed by reliable spider pest control Adelaide if required.

Whether you’re about to buy, invest or sell, our spider control Adelaide is the straight-forward and effective service you need to rid your house of pests for good. Even if you just call us out for an inspection, you can’t put a price on peace of mind! Ring 0402 682 738 to book your appointment with one of our professionals today.

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