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Rodent Pest Control

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Precision Pest Control has over ten years of experience offering reliable and affordable rodent pest control services in Adelaide and the surrounding areas. Rodents, including mice, rats, and squirrels, pose serious health risks by carrying diseases and damaging property by gnawing through almost anything, including wood and plastic. With these significant threats, effective control and management are crucial for homeowners and businesses. At Precision Pest Control, we pride ourselves on helping customers have a rodent-free environment. Our team can inspect residential, rental, and commercial properties.

We use the latest technology to inspect your property to ensure it is free from any potential damage or dangers. Our team will provide you with a complete overview of any observations that could be dangerous and the recommended solutions. As a long-time trusted name in the pest inspection and control industry, our professionals will work quickly and professionally to deal with any infestation.

Rodent Pest Control
Rodent Pest Control

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Do you hear scratching, gnawing or squeaking noises on your roof? This is an early indication that unwanted visitors are taking up residence in your home or business. Rodents often move indoors during winter, looking for shelter and food. However, they can be a problem for commercial premises all year round. Rodents build nests using soft material in wall cavities, roof voids, and under the floor. Our qualified technicians can inspect your property to recommend the perfect rodent pest control strategies. Our pest control professionals have the experience and tools to address your rodent problem effectively.

Our licensed professionals can create a tailored and effective rodent pest control solution for your home or commercial property. We will go above and beyond to create a clean and safe environment. Our team offers free quotes and fast responses. It uses proven techniques that match the latest pest inspection and control technology innovations.

Rodent Pest Control
Rodent Pest Control

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Prevention is the first step in rodent control. Our team will check for and seal any holes or gaps in your home’s exterior that might serve as entry points for rodents. Even small gaps can be an open invitation to pests. We advise our clients to keep their homes clean and food debris-free, making them less attractive to rodents. Removing clutter will eliminate potential nesting sites for rodents. If prevention measures fail and you are dealing with a rodent infestation, please consider calling our rodent pest control specialists.

With a decade of successful local inspections and actions in Adelaide, Precision Pest Control has become the go-to choice for many individuals and companies. We work quickly and professionally to deliver quality inspections or deal with any infestation. Our pest control solutions will offer peace of mind and swiftly lower the heightened levels of stress that a rodent infestation can cause.

Rodent Pest Control

Consulting with our rodent pest control professionals can provide tailored solutions to keep your space rodent-free. Call us today.


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