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What is Eco Pest Control Adelaide?

As the name suggests, eco pest control Adelaide is a more environmentally friendly method to managing infestations. Specifically, it gets rid of unwanted pests such as termites, stink bugs, rats and more without the use of harsh chemicals. Did you know that over 1 billion pounds of chemical pesticides are released every day? One of the major benefits of eco pest control Adelaide is that it reduces your carbon footprint as the chemicals emit less greenhouse gasses. This is because pesticides can remain in the environment for up to several days or even years, causing problems to the ecosystem. Additionally, prolonged exposure to pesticide can also lead to health issues problems. For example, while the short-term issues such as nausea, dizziness and headaches may be less serious, long-term health issues can include cancer, blood disorders, nerve disorders and so on.

eco pest control Adelaide

Benefits of Eco Pest Control Adelaide

So, what are the benefits of eco pest control Adelaide? As before mentioned, one of the major benefits of eco-friendly pest control is that it is better for the environment. However, it also has a number of other benefits. For example, eco pest control methods generally tend to be more effective and long-term as opposed to traditional pest control chemicals. As a result, this also means less damage to your garden as you will be spraying chemicals on your garden far less. Additionally, eco-friendly pest control methods are better at targeting the intended pest, and therefore won’t harm insects and animals such as house hold pets. While traditional pesticide chemicals have strong smells that tend to linger after the application, eco-friendly methods are significantly less harsh on the nose. Still not convinced about eco pest control Adelaide? Chat to our friendly team of experts to find the right solution for you!

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