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Are you in desperate need for cockroach control Adelaide? If you’re dealing with a cockroach infestation, it is important to respond fast. Regardless of how clean your home is, cockroaches can generally find food and water allowing them to survive in a number of environments. Cockroaches can enter your home through a number of ways such as through small cracks or holes, finding openings around doors and windows, and catching a ride in from bags, backpacks, and containers.  Because cockroaches carry pathogenic microbes and germs that can cause food poisoning and illness, it is crucial to seek treatment as soon as you notice an infestation. Did you know that cockroaches can also cause extreme allergies, specifically amongst asthmatics? Get on top of your infestation today and call Precision Pest Control for cockroach control Adelaide! Call 0402 682 738.

cockroach control adelaide

Why trust Precision Pest Control to undertake cockroach control Adelaide? Precision Pest Control has been servicing the Adelaide community for a decade. Our highly trained experts offer the most effective solutions for your pest control problems. We understand how important a fast turnaround is to alleviate pests in your home, which is why we utilise the latest technology to provide efficient and long-lasting solutions. As a local Adelaide business, we have a strong understanding of the pests living under your roof. No matter how difficult the pests is to find, Precision Pest Control offer fast solutions to track them down and eradicate further damage and disruption to your home. Total customer satisfaction is a priority, and always guaranteed. Contact the friendly team at Precision Pest Control to enquire about our cockroach control Adelaide. Make cockroaches a pest from the past today!


As well as cockroach pest control, Precision Pest Control also perform pre-purchase pest inspections to ensure your building is damage and danger free from pests. From termites and rats, all the way through to cockroaches and ants, pests aren’t exactly the warm welcome you look for! Using state of the art technology, such as our thermal imaging machine, we guarantee a quick and easy solution for you. Once we complete the inspection, we also provide a full overview of any observations we have uncovered that could be dangerous, as well as steps you can take to rectify them. As a licensed building inspector, we are members of the Master Builders South Australia and Master Builder Green Living.  Consequently, this means we work within Australian codes and regulations to ensure the inspection is completed safely and efficiently. Enquire about our cockroach pest control in Adelaide on 0402 682 738.

Say no more to creepy crawlies with our cockroach pest control Adelaide! Our friendly team deliver swift and efficient pest control and inspections to put your mind at ease. Get a free quote by calling 0402 682 738 today!

Guaranteed Cockroach Control Adelaide

Cockroaches are persistent pests, they look icky and can cause severe health problems. This is because they are habitual of feeding almost everywhere from sewers and drains to filthy garage areas. They carry bacteria that are responsible to cause dysentery, typhoid, hepatitis, and tuberculosis. 

If you are troubled by cockroaches, you can trust our cockroach pest control experts. We eliminate the infestation of cockroaches with our proven cockroach control Adelaide methods. 

Our cockroach control Adelaide team not only focuses on cockroach extermination but also use effective solutions to prevent their infestation in the future. We are prompt and professional – give us a call today to discuss your pest problem. 

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