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Are you 100% sure there are no termites in your house? Just because they are not visible to our naked eyes does not mean they are not eating away the very foundation of your home from the inside out. Precision Pest Control SA offers the most comprehensive timber pest inspections across Salisbury, Elizabeth, Para Hills and Gawler to help keep your property safe and secured. Eliminating termites is not easy an easy task, it requires special skills and technical expertise. If you go for a cheap quote from an uninsured and unqualified inspector, you are putting your home and money at a greater risk. There is 90% chance that the inspection or treatment will not be effective enough.

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Highly Skilled and Qualified Timber Pest Inspectors

We are a locally owned and operated firm offering quality pest inspection and treatment at a very affordable price. Our team of highly skilled and experienced pest control specialists are made to undergo extensive training and research work before starting out their operations. Being a reputed timber pest inspections specialist, we work hard to evolve and stay updated at all times with new techniques and changes made to the industry.

Fully Licensed and Insured Timber Pest Inspectors

All our inspectors and specialists are fully insured. So, when you hire us, we conduct a thorough inspection on your property and rest assured that it is a thorough inspection that you get. Our survey reports are 100% efficient and covers all bases of Australian standards.

A termite inspection is the initial stage towards assessing any evidence or presence of termites in your property and what needs to be done to effectively manage these pests. It is a vital part of every pest control program.

Inspection Reports

Conduct Our Timber Pest Inspections and Save Plenty in the Long Run

According to the Australian standard AS3660 you should conduct a timber pest inspections every 12 months to safe guard your home from future termite damages. Your home goes through plenty of changes every year that could gradually encourage pest growths. It is best to get it detected before further damages are made.

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Who does not want a fast and efficient response for pest related situations? Whether you are dealing with ants, spiders, bed bugs, flies or fleas to name a few, we handle everything with precision. Moreover, our employees are all local, this gives us vital local area knowledge that covers both the possibilities and the likely scenarios that may play out.

With a decade of experience in the pest control business, we are the finest timber pest inspections specialist in Salisbury, Elizabeth, Para Hills and Gawler. For any further queries or service pre-booking call us now at 0402682738! We are always available to meet your needs.

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