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Precision Building & Pest Inspections in Gawler

Precision Building and Pest Inspections is the most effective pest controller in Gawler. We keep pests in residential and commercial premises at bay. That’s why we lead the pack.

Over the years, we’ve been gaining expertise in pest control. Through fieldwork and read- throughs, we’ve built up extensive pest knowledge. We know the habits, lifestyle and vulnerabilities of each pest that attacks your home or business. Our technical expertise is second to none and the real deal when it comes to pest control in Gawler. From exclusion and detection to identification and elimination, we’re the go-to experts. 

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What makes us outstanding is the delivery of unparalleled products and services. Our expert pest controllers can be called on anytime pests run wild.

Termite Extermination

Termites are big in destruction. These insects consume wood and other materials containing cellulose. Every building is susceptible to a termite invasion. Many homeowners fret about fire or flooding, but what’s very common is termite damage. Even if your home is stone-built, its framing is wooden. If termites are out of control, we’ll keep them in check.


Our pest control process is ABC. Friendly, trained and licensed exterminators inspect your home to uncover potential issues. We’ll pinpoint areas where pests lurk and flash them out. Without any fuss or delay, we’ll eliminate entry points and makeshift nests.


Organisations aren’t immune to pest issues. What bugs homeowners, bites even harder. Business operations may come to a standstill when pests make your premises their hideout. Your facility demands a customised pest management program. We’re your team if creating a pest-free space for your employees and customers is top of mind.

Besides being licensed and certified, we use cutting-edge technology, employ sustainable practices and rely on a humane approach.

Pests are persistent and so are we! Precision Building and Pest Inspections in Gawler works around the calendar to put an end to irksome pest attacks. When pests come knocking, we’ll be right at your door to send them packing. Unwanted visitors include ants, spiders, roaches, fleas, flies, bedbugs, wasps, bees, mosquitoes and rodents.

Don’t let pests spoil your fun or mess with your business. Call us before pests start showing their ugly side. Nipping pest issues in the bud is better than dealing with the aftermath of a pest invasion.

Providing expert pest elimination is what we’re passionate about. Give us a shot and we won’t let you down.


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