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The terms building inspector and pre-purchase pest inspection go hand in hand with purchasing property, renovating or building.

What is a building inspection?

A pre-purchase pest inspection is performed by Precision Pest Control prior to purchasing a home in Adelaide, after completion of renovations or building a new home. It is an inspection that checks for defects in the house. During a building inspection, some of the following will be examined:

Inside the home

  1. Flooring and walls for dampness
  2. Ceilings for mould or dampness
  3. Shower cubicles and sinks for leaks as well as the plumbing works
  4. Cracks in the walls, which may be hidden by wallpaper
  5. Fittings and fixtures in the rooms
  6. Internal doors for proper working order
  7. Blinds and windows
  8. Electrical, including heaters are in working order as well as power points, hotplates and stove
  9. Extraction and ceiling fans


  1. Drainage
  2. Downpipes and guttering
  3. Gates
  4. External structures, including sheds, granny flat or carport
  5. Roofs for leaks
  6. Piles of wood
  7. Cracks in concrete driveways

What happens after the inspection?

At the completion of the inspection, our Adelaide pre-purchase pest inspector will prepare a report for you to consider. In their report they will outline problems they found during their inspection.

Who does a pre-purchase pest inspection?

A licensed and fully qualified building inspector in Adelaide performs pre-purchase pest inspections. An experienced building inspector is important for the job to ensure matters come to light that may otherwise be overlooked.

Prior to hiring a pre-purchase pest inspector you should obtain a quote and find out how long the written report will take to prepare after the inspection is completed. In purchase situations time can be of the essence.


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